6 Best SEO Chrome Extensions You Should Install NOW!

Best SEO Chrome extensions

Search engine optimization aka SEO is a complex and technical process that requires a lot of attention and effort to get right.

There are many aspects of SEO that must be taken into account, from on-page optimization to off-page optimization, from keyword research to link building, and from website speed to mobile responsiveness.

With the right tools and techniques, you can definitely move the needle. And SEO browser extensions are a big part of it.

The good ones can save you a ton of time, and give you access to data that you’d be typically digging around for hours to find. And that data might be the difference between you making a good versus a bad SEO decision.

But on the other side, extensions slow down your browser, which is why you only want to install the best ones.

So in this post, I am gonna break down the 6 best SEO chrome extensions you should install right now for a cutting-edge SEO strategy.

Disclosure: Some links in this article are my affiliate links. If you buy any product through any of these links, It’ll give me a kickback at no extra cost to you. Such a commission helps me to stay motivated and produce more such content. Thanks in advance if you buy anything from my affiliate links.

With that being said, let’s start our list of the 6 best SEO Chrome extensions.

5 Best SEO Chrome Extensions

1. Detailed SEO

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

The Detailed SEO extension is a free SEO extension for Chrome. Supported for both Chrome and Firefox, it allows you to get super quick insights into most of the key SEO metrics for any webpage on the internet.

Let’s say you stumble upon an article that you wanna bring up more information on.

With the click of a button, you can gain access to the Detailed interface.

In the first overview tab, you can get the basic SEO information about the article such as the meta title, meta description, page URL, and any canonicalization going on with the article.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

Scrolling down, you get the Robots tags for the webpage that tells whether the page is allowed for indexing or not.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

Further down, you get the word count which is very critical if you’re doing content research so you can ultimately write your own article on a topic.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

Down to the bottom, there’s a quick link to the sitemap of the website. This could be useful if you’re trying to figure out how the webpage was able to rank for a particular keyword.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

You could take a look at the sitemap and see how many posts the website has for the keyword, let’s say “best web hosting for SEO”.

You can search for “host” on a text highlighter extension to see how many articles they had to write on web hosting to have enough topical authority to rank for “best web hosting for SEO”.

It’s 23 times in the case of Diggity Marketing (for example).

XML sitemap of diggitymarketing.com

The second tab “Headings” is critical as well because there you can see the overall heading structure for your article. This is huge in the SEO writing process as you don’t want to leave any sub-topics that your competitors have written about.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

The “Links” tab gives you an overview of both the internal and external links coming and going from your article.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

Then the “Images” section will let you know whether any images in your article are missing alt texts, which is a big no-no you need to get fixed.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

There’s also a quick links tab that helps you analyze your website on a number of SEO tools like SEMrush, Moz, Page Speed Insights, etc. with a single click.

Detailed SEO Chrome extension

2. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions that give you a ton of data. There are over 300,000 users of this extension.

The Surfer SEO Chrome extension enhances your Google search result experience by showing you in the search bar:

  • The search volume for the keyword you searched for
  • The cost per click of the keyword
Keyword Surfer chrome extension for SEO

Then next to the search results, you get the estimated monthly traffic for the article, the word count of the article, and the number of times the exact search term was used in the article.

Keyword Surfer chrome extension for SEO

This saves you time as you don’t have to open the articles to check these metrics through other extensions.

Further, on the right-hand side of the browser, you get a handy display that gives you a set of relevant keywords, their similarity to your search terms, and their monthly search volumes.

Keyword Surfer chrome extension for SEO

This helps you add important keywords to your keyword research plan.

Tick-mark the ones that you like and save them to the collection so you can export them in a CSV file to work on later.

Now the magical part!

On top of the display, click on “Generate article outline” and Surfer’s AI article outline generator will create an SEO-optimized article outline for you based on the top search results.

Keyword Surfer chrome extension for SEO

This feature is only available with paid plans.

No need to open each and every article manually to get an idea of all the headings and topics you should include in your post.

You can even select the headings you want and copy and paste them where you will be writing your article. Isn’t it cool?

3. SEO Minion

A really handy plugin that is really a game changer for SEO tasks. It’s available on both Chrome and Firefox and it’s free!

While looking at an article, clicking on the SEO Minion extension will give you all your favorite analysis features.

SEO Minion Chrome extension for SEO

In the “analyze on-page SEO” tab, your metadata information, canonical information, and heading structure which can also be downloaded.

SEO Minion Chrome extension for SEO

As well as information regarding all your images with their alt texts. Super handy!

The “Highlight All Links” tab has multiple filters so you can have a look at the internal do-follow links, or the external no-follow links, whatever you desire.

SEO Minion Chrome extension for SEO

The list of links is downloadable as well.

The “Check Broken Links” feature is the coolest one. It will help you find 404s or redirects that shouldn’t be on your page.

SEO Minion Chrome extension for SEO

Another cool feature of this free SEO extension for Chrome works on the search result page. On the right-hand side of the search result page, you can use it to download all the search results – all their URLs, meta descriptions, and SEO titles.

But my favorite feature is to download the People Also Ask questions in the search results.

SEO Minion Chrome extension for SEO

SEO Minion is going to keep clicking and expanding all the People Also Ask questions all the way up to 8 levels, and download all the related questions that you need to answer in your content.

These questions are priceless for your article’s FAQ section. In fact, this is exactly what I do for many of my articles, as can be seen in the FAQ section of my “how to start a blog for free” article.

4. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a paid extension but the free version can also do a lot of cool stuff.

This SEO browser extension is available on both Chrome and Firefox.

This extension does a lot of the same stuff that the above extensions do. But some other cool stuff too.

On the SERP overlay on the right-hand side, you get a ton of cool features.

  • A bunch of difficulty metrics so you can get some idea of just how challenging a keyword is.
Keywords Everywhere chrome extension
  • Trend data which indicates if your keyword is gaining or losing search popularity
Keywords Everywhere chrome extension
  • A breakdown of other related keywords that are trending (pro version for search volume)
Keywords Everywhere chrome extension
  • Other keywords that people search for and long-tailed keyword ideas for your search term (pro version for search volume)
Keywords Everywhere chrome extension

Also, when you hover over the search results, you get a breakdown of the traffic metrics for the domain –

  • The traffic that the URL and the root domain gets
  • Total number of keywords that the URL and the root domain ranks for
Keywords Everywhere chrome extension

This is pretty much everything that the free version does.

The paid version works wonderfully. It works on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Some insane features of the paid version are:

  • When you’re in Google Search Console, you get search volume, CPC, competition, and a trend line for the top queries your site ranks for. GSC doesn’t provide you with this valuable info.
  • You can get search volume, CPC, and competition for keywords overlaid on Google Trends as well.
  • You can even get overlay data on Answer The Public
  • How about Amazon? Looking for search volume for products on Amazon? You got it!
  • If you’re in the YouTube SEO game, then you can get search and competition data here too.

(All these features are in the form of tiny overlays next to search boxes on all these websites)

This extension is outta control!

5. AIPRM for ChatGPT

AIPRM for ChatGPT Chrome extension

Do you use ChatGPT for SEO? I do!

ChatGPT is all about the right prompts. If your prompts are right, the results will be outstanding.

The AIPRM for ChatGPT Chrome extension is arguably the best SEO Chrome extension.

What this extension does is that it gives you ready-made prompts or prompt templates which you can use to get the best out of ChatGPT.

Some cool features of this extension are:

  • Keyword strategy
  • Blog post title generator
  • FAQ Generator
  • Plagiarism-free content writer
  • Outrank an article
  • E-commerce SEO
  • External linking, etc.

I have a detailed blog post about how this really awesome Chrome extension works.

Check it out here: The Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension For SEO

6. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

You want to rock the Google search results? The most important thing you’ll need is domain authority and the best way to gain authority is through backlinks.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer chrome extension for SEO

The thought of building links for your website is dreadful, so you’ll be glad to know there’s an SEO Chrome extension that can help you with the process.

With the Majestic Backlink Analyzer, get instant link counts and see who is linking to the page you are browsing without having to go to a separate link analysis tool so that you can up your outreach game.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer chrome extension for SEO

For the paid plan subscribers, the extension provides the following features:

  • Trust Flow (a measure of a site’s perceived trustworthiness based on the quality and reputation of its backlinks)
  • Citation Flow (based on the number of links)
  • Visibility Flow (prioritizes high-quality editorial links over easier-to-gain directory links)
  • Topical Trust Flow (lets you know which backlinks are bringing topical authority to a particular topic)
  • Strongest anchor texts for a website

The paid plans start from $49.99 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free SEO extension for Chrome?

From the above list of all the best SEO extensions for Chrome, according to me, SEO Minion is the best free SEO extension for Chrome. For free, it provides important features such as:

– Analzye on-page info
– Highlight all the links on a page
– Check for broken links on a page
– Hreflang checker, and a few more.

The coolest feature of this free SEO extension for Chrome is that it automatically clicks and downloads the People Also Ask questions for you in a CSV file. These questions can be used for an FAQ section on your page.

What is an SEO Chrome extension?

An SEO Chrome extension is an add-on or a plugin for your Chrome browser that gives you access to important SEO-related data that you’d be typically digging around for hours to find.

The good ones can save you a ton of time. And that data might be the difference between you making a good versus a bad SEO decision.

An SEO Chrome extension provides the following data such as:

– Link profile of a webpage
– The people linking to a webpage
– On-page metadata of a webpage
– Broken links on a webpage
– Related keywords for a search query
– Search volume, keyword difficulty, and search intent for a search query, etc.

Do Chrome Extensions Earn Money?

Certainly, a considerable number of people earn money from Chrome extensions, utilizing various strategies such as offering a one-time fee, distributing the extension for free with the option of paid upgrades, selling advertisements within the extension, or providing a subscription service.

Can I Do SEO By Myself?

Yes, you can definitely do SEO by yourself.

I watched this YouTube video by Matt Diggity where he had an interview with an SEO expert. The man was able to convince me that SEO is a lot different than just SEO plugins. We make it a lot more complicated than it should be.

You need to have a basic understanding of how Google’s algorithm works. Sometimes in SEO, all you need to apply is a little common sense.

And the answers to all your on-page SEO questions lie on the first page of Google for your target keyword. Analyze what the top-ranking sites are doing. Just copy them and try to make your work a lot better than theirs.

Also, it won’t hurt to take some help from the available SEO tools such as Rank Math, Yoast, and the best SEO Chrome extensions listed above.

6 Best SEO Chrome Extensions: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, optimizing your website for search engines is crucial for achieving online success.

The 6 Best SEO Chrome extensions I’ve covered in this post can help you streamline your SEO efforts, gain valuable insights into your website’s performance, and enhance your overall online visibility.

From analyzing keywords to tracking backlinks, these extensions provide a wealth of information that can guide you in creating effective SEO strategies.

By installing these extensions and utilizing their features, you’ll be well on your way to improving your website’s search engine rankings and attracting more traffic to your site.

Now I leave it up to you. Which SEO Chrome extension are you going to install? Is it SEO Minion or Keywords Everywhere? Let me know in the comments section below right now!

Also, make sure to add any other good SEO chrome extensions you might know to the list.

If you found this post helpful, consider sharing it on social media and with people you think might benefit from it. Sharing it will make my countless hours more meaningful.

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    1. Thank you Sofiya. I’m glad you found it helpful. Yes SEO can be a complex process but these tools make life so much simpler 🙂

  5. Look like some good ones to me. Chrome is so lightweight and the plug-ins are equally light. This is why I tend to use a few here and there to add some function to the browser form. Fabulous post my friend.

    1. Thanks Ryan! I have tried to keep this post concise and not list “50+ SEO chrome extensions”. The ones that I use and find helpful are listed here.

  6. Hi Ali, thank you. I have only used one of these. I find many extensions can cause my computer to slow down, even Grammarly. But if you use them as needed when needed they can be great tools. I am focusing more on SEO this year so I’ll be checking these out, thank you for the recommendations.

    1. Yes, a lot of extensions can slow down the browser. So choose the ones you like the most from the list.

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    Detailed SEO seems to be a handy tool for bloggers like us, and I will try that.
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    1. Thanks, Mudassir. I too use AIPRM for chatGPT. It’s a great tool. But my favourite form this list is SEO Minion. Apart from all important SEO data, it automatically expands and downloads People Also Ask questions, which can be used for FAQs on your post.

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