The 15 Best Ways To Earn Money From A Website

There is a tonne of ways you can make money online. You can create videos on YouTube and earn from YouTube Ads, you can sell your paintings and artwork on sites like Etsy, you can produce podcasts, and you can freelance in graphic designing.

Out of all these ways, my favorite is blogging. Yes, blogging has a lot of advantages over all of the above ways. For blogging, you need a website. You must have a question in mind – “what are some good ways to earn money from a website?”

earn money from a website

I’m assuming you’ve got your website online. If not, then check my blog post on web hosting which will help you choose a web hosting service for your website.

DISCLOSURE: Some links are my affiliate links so I may earn a commission by referring you to a service. There’s no extra cost to you, but it does support my site and could entitle you to exclusive offers.

How can you earn money from a website now that it is online? I outline the most effective techniques to monetize a website right away.

It’s not uncommon for committed bloggers to give up their day jobs after a couple of months. I did!

There are countless possibilities to earn money from a website.

I’ll be revealing some of the most effective ways for you to monetize a website in this guide, along with plenty of helpful advice and resources to get going right now.

How To Earn Money From A Website

Here are the best ways to monetize a website:

1) Ad Banner Advertisements

monetize a website

By copying and pasting code into your website, you may quickly set up network ads that are tailored to a visitor’s most recent internet search using Google Adsense or

Another growingly well-liked platform for bloggers to monetize their work is Taboola. It operates by displaying relevant content from its network’s advertisers rather than banners.

These networks will compensate you either per 1,000 impressions or every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement (cost per click, or CPC) (cost per impression, or CPM).

Direct sales of banner ads to businesses offering pertinent goods or services are another option. This alternative can be far more profitable because not only will you choose the rates, but the advertiser will (hopefully) be aware that they should target your audience!

Advertisements are the most popular way to earn money from a website but not the most effective one in my opinion.

Other platforms for earning from ad revenue are Ezoic, Adsterra, etc.

2) Welcome Guest Posts

If you go to a website and ask the owner if you can write a post on their website, there are good chances that they will let you do it for a fee. Sometimes, people may even let you do it for free as it is a win-win situation.

They get more content on their website, perhaps about a topic they don’t have knowledge of but is very useful to their audience. On the other hand, the person writing the post gets to leave links to his or her site, known as backlinks which will increase their website’s authority. This is known as guest posting.

Guest posting is gaining immense popularity nowadays when it comes to earn money from a website.

earn money from a website through guest posts

Similarly, you can welcome guest posts from other people and ask them for a fee for doing so. This will provide your site with good quality content and increase your visitors, hence more ad revenue or affiliated revenue.

You may notice that almost all the methods indirectly help in generating ad revenue and affiliate income. So, it is always a good idea to have at least affiliate programs partnered up with, if not ad services.

If you are getting good traffic, why not leverage it to further monetize a website and earn some extra income?

3) Profit From Email Subscribers

The biggest thing that bloggers regret is delaying the creation of an email list. All of them wish they had started it sooner.

email marketing

You can use a wonderful service It will help you capture your audience and continue to engage with them even after they’ve left your website. is a very easy all-in-one marketing platform.

You may send them emails recommending things you think they’d like (affiliate promotion), so you can get paid when they sign up or make a purchase.

Email marketing gives you a boost when you want to monetize a website.

If you are new to email marketing, you can sign up on the email lists of your competitors and see how they go about doing email marketing- what type of content they use, what is their frequency of sending emails, etc. You can have an idea of how to do it properly and to your leverage.

4) Create And Sell Online Courses

sell online courses

Making and selling online courses is another lucrative approach to monetizing a site that has fewer than 1,000 visits per day. To profit from your first online course, you don’t need many leads or clients.

Here’s the trick: start small and work your way up.

Find out exactly what your blog’s viewers desire if it gets at least 50 visitors per day, then build a course around that. In actuality, your first course might not be all that “amazing,” but that’s alright.

One can always get better. It’s time to stop making excuses and get going.

Online courses are narrowly focused on a certain topic or subject. They are prepared for action and well-organized.

The course can be added to Udemy to reach a larger audience, or it can be automatically distributed via to individuals who have paid and subscribed using their email addresses.

When you provide an online course to your site visitors, they feel that you are providing them some value and not just here to make money by selling them affiliate products. That is why online courses are a very smart way to earn money from a website.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to provide paid courses. You can also provide free courses so that the value factor increases even more.

When you have a free course on your website, you will get even more visitors than before, and your earnings through affiliate products and ads will increase exponentially.

5) Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Suppose you have a website where you post content. In affiliate marketing, you promote a product or service to your website visitors and when they purchase from any of your affiliate links in your content, you get a commission from the owner of the product or service.

affiliate marketing

Join the Awin network to have access to thousands of affiliate programs, including those from well-known companies like Nike, Etsy, and TripAdvisor.

Awin is a huge network. I am more active in programs like CJ affiliate and Impact.

There are a lot of beginner-friendly programs also such as WarriorPlus, Clickbank, etc.

All these programs will guide you on how you can get your affiliate links for the brands you want to promote. As a beginner, you will want to look for brands that accept your affiliate proposal without any review.

Big brands don’t trust beginners as they don’t have the kind of promotional resources such brands are looking for.

There are certain big brands like Godaddy, Namecheap,, and NordVPN that accept applications immediately without any assessment. But, you will need to fulfill one condition, which is having a website.

Amazon affiliate is also a very common and popular affiliate program for amazon products.

Affiliate marketing is the second most popular way to monetize a website after advertisements.


Top 10 Affiliate Programs That Don’t Require Approval

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

6) Use Skimlinks

Skimlinks is almost like any other affiliate program because it also earns you a commission when someone makes purchases through links on your site.

The main distinction is that Skimlinks may be set up on your website to automatically monetize your content in addition to enabling you to establish unique affiliate links whenever and however you wish.

If you include a link to a retailer in your content that is a part of the Skimlinks network, Skimlinks will transform the connection into an affiliate link for you!

If a visitor uses your link to make a purchase, you will be compensated. Commissions range from 2% to 10%.

7) Use Text Link Advertising

There are plenty of marketplaces such as Backlinks and LinksPanel where you can offer basic text links to advertisers’ websites and charge a fixed rate per month or alternatively you can charge on a per-click basis. This is a not-so-popular way to monetize a website

8) Sell Digital Products

Digital products like podcasts, eBooks, printables, graphics, and templates can all help you generate recurring passive money from your website.

Selling digital products is a really effective way to monetize a website in terms of the potential amount of revenue you can earn.

A 5,000-word eBook may cost roughly $2.99; while this may not seem like much, 20 sales of eBooks per month add up quickly.

9) Sell Physical Products

Make use of your website as a platform to sell your own tangible goods as well. For instance, you may design mugs or t-shirts with your site’s branding on them if you think customers will buy them.

Additionally, you can make handmade goods to sell on eBay or other online marketplaces like Etsy.

You’ll immediately have an advantage over other platform vendors if you link to the marketplace from your website, regardless of where you’re selling.

10) Running Readymade Business Models On Your Site

This one is particularly interesting. There is a popular website called Code Canyon. This website offers readymade programs or businesses for as low as $25.

Let me make it simple for you. You must have heard of various link-shortening services like,

Code Canyon offers such tools or services already coded by professional programmers. You just have to purchase such models or programs and add them to your site.

Take the example of a link-shortening service. Suppose you buy one from Code Canyon, you can either launch it separately or include it in a dedicated ‘tools’ page of your website.

You can offer free trials for the service and also provide monthly and yearly plans for the pro version. It is just a one-time investment of as low as $25.

It is a highly effective method to earn money from a website you already have.

Here’s a YouTube video by H-educate showing how to do it.

11) Include A Business Directory

You must have heard SEO experts say that you should register your website on an online business directory as it increases your business reach and also provides you with backlinks. Such online directories earn a lot in terms of the fees they charge for registering websites on their database.

Similarly, you can create a business directory page where organizations can list their company for a fixed cost.

Depending on the volume of traffic to your site, you might charge a monthly or annual listing fee.

Consider the case where you reviewed sound systems on your website. You could charge independent merchants (both offline and online) to appear on a page listing locations that offer top-of-the-line speakers, presuming that sites like Amazon are probably already very well-known.

It is a great passive way to monetize a website.

12) Donations

Add a straightforward PayPal donation button to your website and request that visitors who value your material contribute a few bucks—the price of a coffee. 

Some of the most popular websites, like your friend and mine, Wikipedia, are supported entirely or primarily by donations.

In the end, you won’t get what you don’t ask for.

Get Hosting for $1.00*/mo with GoDaddy!

13) Sell your Website

Once you have a website that’s already monetized and receiving good levels of traffic, you’ll have an asset.

As with any asset, your website can be sold and, when the time is right, websites like Flippa and the aptly named are there to help you find a buyer.

It may not be a way to earn money from a website as you will be selling the website, but it has the potential for huge profits.

I have personally done this. Back when I was into graphic designing, I made a beautiful website called I made a few bucks but was no more interested in graphic designing and eventually quit it.

I sold the website for $775. I had hardly spent $50 for hosting and domain name.

Expect to earn two to three times your website’s annual profit if you decide to sell.

14) Sponsored Content

A very powerful approach to monetizing your blog is through sponsored content, but before you can attract sponsors, your blog must be well-established.

In actuality, locating sponsors is the biggest difficulty.

On the plus side, you get to choose your collaborators and set your own rates.

Making an advertising page with a list of your rates for banners and sponsored content is an excellent place to start.

A media kit that you can send to potential sponsors should also be made. Information on your blog’s traffic, social media following, email list, demographics, target audience, etc. would be included in this.

What potential sponsors are looking for will have a big impact on the sponsored material you produce.

15) Offer A Paid Membership

Building an online audience by providing free, high-quality information to your audience is a terrific strategy. What about offering paid material, though? Construct a paid membership scheme geared toward curious community members.

As long as individuals stay in the program, your membership program will give you an additional source of income. You’ll need to provide members with value and regularly produce fresh content to keep them interested.

Programs for paid memberships could include:

  • Online courses
  • Facebook groups
  • Weekly webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Patreon content


The potential to earn money from a website is alluring. However, you must understand how to monetize a website before you can optimize your earnings.

You can monetize a website in a variety of ways, as was already indicated. The best approach for you is still up for debate. This is due to the fact that this technique will depend on your own skill set and the kind of site you have.

However, every technique described here has been successfully used to monetize a website. Therefore, if you’re seeking strategies to monetize a website, take a look at one or more of these choices.

If you found this post helpful, consider sharing it on your social media (buttons at top).

Thanks and wish you the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money from a website?

Yes, you can definitely earn money from a website. There are numerous ways of doing so – Guest posting, affiliate marketing, running advertisements on your website, writing sponsored content, selling eBooks, selling online courses, etc. A lot of other ways to monetize a website are discussed in the article above.

What kind of websites earn money?

Nearly every kind of website there has the potential to earn money. Be it an eCommerce store, a travel blog, website selling eBooks, a product review website, a news website, etc.

How does a free website make money?

A free website makes money the same way a paid website does. There are numerous ways of doing so – Guest posting, affiliate marketing, running advertisements on your website, writing sponsored content, selling eBooks, selling online courses, etc. A lot of other ways to monetize a website are mentioned in the article above.

Which type of website is most profitable?

Websites that make product reviews, product comparisons, etc. are the most money-making websites in terms of their affiliate commission. This is because when a person wants to read a product review or wants a comparison between two products, he or she most likely has commercial intent, that is an intent to buy a product or service. When they read such information and are directed through affiliate links, the website owner gets a commission on such referrals. This model has huge potential to earn money from a website.

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