How To Get Traffic From Quora To Your Website/Blog In 2022

How to get traffic from quora
How to get traffic from Quora

So you have a blog set up and there is a good amount of high-quality content on it but you are struggling to get any traffic.

Even when you put a lot of effort into creating quality content, it might be disappointing to see little website traffic.

Gone are the days when all you had to do was stuff keywords in your content to make Google think that you have good quality content centered around a particular keyword and thus, your content was ranked easily.

To get more people to read your material (and hopefully buy something from you), you must actively work to promote it.

Just getting traffic is not enough. To increase conversions in addition to traffic, you must discover a platform that enables you to attract highly targeted users to your website.

That’s where Quora plays a major role. Quora is a Q&A site that gets around 600 million visitors per month just from Google searches. On this platform, people ask questions about literally everything that planet Earth has to offer.

On a variety of subjects, including real estate, biology, and wormholes, you can find a tonne of helpful knowledge on Quora.

You can answer questions asked by people. You can ask questions yourself. Basically, you can use it to share your knowledge with others and get to know about topics you don’t know about.

The best part is that Quora allows you to put your website links in your answers. This way you can drive highly targeted traffic to your website/blog.

Now, you must have a question in mind. How to get traffic from Quora to your website/blog?

As I said, people ask questions on Quora on a tonne of topics. What do you do when you get a question?

You simply answer it!

That’s all you need to do to answer the question of how to get traffic from Quora to your website/blog.

And, that’s what I’ll try to do in this article. I have a question from you which I’ll try to answer in the best way possible. The answer will help you highjack Quora traffic for your website.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get traffic from Quora in 2022 to your website. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On How To Get Traffic From Quora To Your Website/Blog

How to get traffic from quora
How to get traffic from Quora

Disclosure: Some links in this article are my affiliate links. If you buy any product through any of these links, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Such a commission helps me to stay motivated and produce more such content.

Why Should You Use Quora To Generate Traffic?

If you’re running a blog and thinking of using Quora to drive traffic to your website, then you must have a look at these benefits of using Quora:

1. Increases Your Knowledge

Quora is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge. You might find that there are some topics about your niche that you are not aware of. Quora can provide you with such knowledge irrespective of what your niche is. There are a plethora of topics that are discussed on Quora.

If you are a blogger, then it is very crucial for you to be updated with the latest improvements in your niche. You will only write and tell your readers what you know unless you are planning to copy-paste info from other websites (which you mustn’t do).

By being updated with the best of knowledge, you will have more topics and post ideas for your blog, which brings us to our next point.

2. Helps You Find Blog Topics

In my experience, Quora is the best place to get ideas about new blog topics. Trust me, you will never run out of ideas for your blog if you use Quora.

Here’s an example:

Find blog post ideas on Quora
How to answer questions on Quora

Look how many results I got when I searched for the term “digital marketing” on Quora.

Quora instantly generated a tonne of questions that people are asking on Quora related to digital marketing.

This implies that you may quickly come up with a tonne of insightful questions on virtually any subject using Quora. Then, you can start writing content to boost your search traffic by simply conducting keyword research on those subjects.

3. It Helps You Become A Brand

Do you intend to create a blog that is incredibly successful in the long run? Then, instead of focusing on metrics like traffic, sales, email subscribers, etc., concentrate on being an authority and expert in your sector.

Why? By doing so, you can broaden your internet presence, draw in the correct crowd, and win people over. These are the benefits that follow from becoming an authority or brand on a particular subject or specialty.

For example, Neil Patel is the 2nd most viewed writer on Quora in the digital marketing niche. People search for Neil Patel on Quora and check his answers from his profile. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

Websites like Quora help you share your ideas and establish yourself as a brand in your field. Just be sure to choose topics where you have expertise and talents, then begin writing answers.

4. Helps You Get Credit From Big Sites

Major online publications like Forbes and Huffington post generally look for answers on Quora to republish on their websites.

How to get traffic from Quora

Forbes has a separate section for Quora called “Quora contributor” which selects the best answers from Quora and publishes them on Forbes’ website and also gives credit to the person who answered the question.

Also, when such big sites publish your answers on their platforms, Quora puts a tag on your profile saying that you are a featured writer on Forbes or any other big sites.

Quora published writer

As you can see in the above image, not only does your answer gets featured on Forbes but you also get a badge on your Quora profile that you are a published writer.

5. Increases Your Website Sales

You can even get sales from Quora without even directing your readers to your website.

Once you are a recognized writer in the eyes of Quora, i.e you have given a good number of good quality answers and posts, Quora even allows you to put your affiliate links in your answers once in a while.

You need to prove that you are not a spammer. You can’t add affiliate links to your answers when you are just a beginner on Quora.

Answer questions with the highest value possible and your readers may even click your affiliate links and purchase the affiliate product, giving you a commission.

6. Improves Your Writing Skills

Quora may be a fantastic tool for honing your writing abilities. We are all aware that good writing abilities are a requirement for blogging, and that the more engaging your blog entries are, the more popular they will be.

You must develop the habit of writing practically daily if you want to be able to produce quality blog content.

This is where a website like Quora can be useful, as you can answer questions on your favorite subjects and, what’s better, you also receive praise in the form of upvotes, new followers, and comments (if your answers are really helpful for others on Quora).

7. Residual Traffic

Once you have reached a good following on Quora and your answers have gotten thousands of views, it won’t stop. Quora will continue to show your popular answers to people.

Yes, even if you stop writing answers, you will get residual Quora traffic.

Here’s the best example:

Neil Patel’s last answer on Quora was written 5 years ago, but he still has 44k views this month.

Neil Patel Quora
Using Quora to drive traffic

How To Get Traffic From Quora To Your Website/Blog?

Want to know how you should be using Quora to drive traffic to your website and thus generate sales? Here’s what you need to know to use Quora in the best possible way.

1) The Basics of Quora

All you need to do is answer questions that people are asking on Quora.

  • Create a Quora profile (I know you can do this much if you are blogging, so I won’t explain it)
  • Add a professional-looking profile picture.
  • Add a wonderful bio. Tell your readers what you do, what are your goals and achievements, and what businesses or websites, or projects you are working on. Give your readers a reason to read your content more often.

Neil Patel has a long bio and he has mentioned that he is among Forbes’s Top 10 Marketers and NY Times bestselling author. You would definitely read more of Neila Patel’s content if you come to read it.

Neil Patel Quora
  • Add your credentials. Credentials basically tell people who you are, and what are you working on. For example, if you are an aerospace blogger, you can have your credential as Aerospace Blogger and choose the duration of your profession, like 2016-present. A credential will help people know that you could be an interesting person to interact with. An aerospace blogger would be attracted to your profile if he sees your credential.
  • You can have several credentials. If you have different credentials, you can showcase different credentials on different answers. For example, if you are writing about blogging tips, you can show your credentials as Blogger and if you are writing about affiliate marketing, you can show your credential as an Affiliate Marketer.

These are all the things you need to do to set up your profile.

Next, you need to answer questions.

2) Answering Questions On Quora

Answering questions is the essence of Quora. It is the most important thing you do to get traffic from quora

Click on the “Search Quora” option and start typing your field of interest. You will get a list of a tonne of questions related to your topic. You can see the questions that appear as I search for “Search Engine Optimization”. Try it, the list will be never-ending.

search engine optimization quora
How to answer questions on Quora?

Pick a question of your choice or the one you think you have the most knowledge of, and start answering it.

The more useful your answer is, the more upvotes (similar to likes on Instagram) it can fetch. The more upvotes you get, the more Quora will show your answers to people and your following on Quora will increase.

In order to gain more exposure or followers on Quora, your objective should be to choose the proper subjects in which you have an interest and provide some truly insightful answers.

The good thing about Quora is that you can easily find your target audience. All you have to do is search for your favorite topics and the people asking questions are definitely your target audience. So simple it is.

How To Choose Your Questions Effectively?

The main thing you should keep in mind while using Quora to drive traffic is that you need to be very efficient in choosing your questions as not all questions will fetch you a high number of views. Answering a few smartly chosen answers can fetch you more views than writing hundreds of random questions.

Tips for choosing your questions smartly:

i) Answer highly followed questions
  • The first and best thing to do is answer questions that have a huge number of followers. Yes, Quora even allows you to follow questions. This way, whenever someone answers a question you follow, you’ll get a notification for the same.
  • Search for your topic and look for those results which have a high number of followers. Avoid questions with just 10-15 followers. The image below shows highly followed questions when searching for the topic “how to start a blog”.
how to find popular questions on Quora
How to answer questions on Quora?

You can see the question “how do I create a blog?” has 6.7k followers. When you answer this question, 6.7k people will get notifications that you have answered a question they follow. Hence, more the followers of a question, the more views it can fetch for you. Make sure your question has at least 100 followers.

ii) Answer the most recent questions

After searching for a topic, you can also sort questions based on different time periods.

The most recent questions are the best to answer as you may be the first one to answer them. That way, more people can view your answers.

In the above picture, at the left bottom, you will find different time periods to sort your answers.

iii) See what top influencers are answering
  • Follow top influencers in your niche and see what kind of questions they are answering. You can have an idea of what is trending and in demand.
  • Search for a topic and then click on the ‘most viewed writers’ section. you will find the profiles that have the most viewed answers related to the searched term.
how to find popular questions on Quora
Quora traffic hack

In the above image, when I searched for “Blogging”, Darius Grigorjevas is the person who has the most views on answers related to blogging. You can check out his profile and see what kind of questions he is answering.

iv) Answering questions that are ranking in Google searches

Another important technique is to answer those questions that are ranking in Google searches. This is an important Quora traffic hack.

There are two ways to do it:

  • Using the free method
  • Using SEMrush keyword research
The Free Method
  • Search for your topics on Google. Make sure they are long-tailed keywords like “how to start a blog for free and make money”. (Quora can never rank for generic keywords like “blogging” in the search results.
  • After searching, see if Quora is in the Top 10 results. If yes, then simply answer that question with all your expertise and knowledge. This way, you can highjack the traffic from Google searches which is a very big deal.
  • This method can be a little cumbersome, as you will have to put in several queries on Google in order to find the ones that are ranking on Google. So, alternatively, you can use SEMrush for finding those queries or keywords for which Quora is ranking on Google.
Using SEMrush (Quora traffic hack)
  • Click on Domain overview, then type in and hit search. (As shown in the image below)
how to find popular questions on Quora
  • After hitting search, scroll down a little and get access to the “Top organic keywords” section by clicking on “view details” (shown below)
how to find popular questions on Quora

On the resulting page, you will see all the queries that Quora ranks for with their respective positions in Google search.

  • We need to apply some filters. Set the position filter to Top 10 (shown below) and search for your keyword.
how to find popular questions on Quora
  • Now you will see all the queries related to your keyword which are ranking in the top 10 positions.
  • Select a query that you find interesting and paste it into Google search. The question that you will see Quora ranking for in Google search is your question. Voila!
v) Right answers to followers ratio
  • Look for questions that have the optimum answers-to-followers ratio.
  • You don’t want to answer questions with just 10 followers and 100+ answers.
  • A ratio of 1:7 or more is optimum which means there are 7 followers for every 1 answer.
  • In the image below, the answer-to-follower ratio is more than 1:7 which means it is a good question to answer.
how to answer questions on Quora
How to answer questions on Quora?

If you want to know the number of answers for a blog, click on that question, and then click on “All related” (shown below)

how to answer questions on Quora

We discussed all the points to choose a question smartly on Quora. I hope it helps you understand how to answer questions on Quora.

3) Being Consistent

Consistency is the key when you are looking for an answer to the question “how to get traffic from Quora“.

  • Answer at least 5 quality questions with good quality content daily.
  • Do this for a month and you’ll definitely see results.

4) Be Unique

You need to stand out from others if you want to be seen. Creating a unique presence on Quora will help you a lot. Here are simple tips for the same:

Add a unique credential for each topic

As I mentioned earlier, you can have more than one credential. A credential is shown right next to your profile name whenever you post an answer. You have the option to choose a credential after you answer a question.

how to answer questions on Quora

When I write about blogging, I use my credential as “blogger” and when I’m writing about affiliate marketing, I use the “affiliate marketer” credential.

This way, readers can know that I have knowledge about affiliate marketing and that is why I am writing an answer to it.

Credentials give credibility to your answers.

Write your own answers

In order to excel in Quora, you need to write your answers. Do not copy-paste answers from other websites. The Quora moderation team comes to know of it and can delete your answers.

Writing your own answers requires having knowledge of the topic. Choose only those questions which you think you might have knowledge of.

Writing about health and fitness while you are a scientist will get you views but not targeted ones.

Write about your niche only

There are people I have seen on Quora who write about web hosting in one answer and write about spirituality in another one. While spirituality is a highly followed topic on Quora and will fetch you good views, what good are those views?

A priest will not come to buy your web hosting products.

Have an appealing bio

how to answer questions on Quora

Look at this profile of Hasan Aboul Hasan, the man behind H-educate. He also runs a Youtube channel by the name H-educate. Look how he tells people that he has 90k+ students worldwide.

He also provides links to his free digital marketing tools and other social media handles in his bio.

When someone is providing so much in the bio, people are sure to visit their website links and follow them on Quora.

Tips For Writing Great Answers On Quora

When you are using Quora to drive traffic to your website, you need to make sure that your answers are of great quality and that readers find value in them.

The better your answers are, the more upvotes they will get. More upvotes mean Quora will give priority to your answers and will show them first.

Here are some tips for writing great answers and getting more upvotes and shares:

1) Avoid questions with 100+ answers

Questions that have 100+ answers are hard to be visible. When there are already a lot of answers that have thousands of views and hundreds of upvotes, your answers will have a hard time being noticed in the list of answers.

2) Write long answers

Write answers with at least 1500 words if not more. People like to read long, informative answers rather than the ones that were just written for the purpose of driving traffic (they hardly drive any traffic).

A 1500+ words answer is enough to solve a problem.

If you have more detailed content on the topic, say 7500 words, then you can just provide a gist of the topic and mention that if anyone wants to read more, they can visit your website link (which you will leave in the answer).

3) Add images to your answers

When people ask a question, they are attracted by an answer that has an eye catchy image attached.

If your answer is shown 2nd in the results, there are bright chances that you will get more clicks and views than the first answer (if you have an eye catchy image in the answer).

4) Write short intros

People want to solve their problems when they ask questions on Quora. They don’t pay attention to long intros. They just want a straightforward solution to their problems.

If you have a long and boring intro, there are chances that a reader will bounce off from your answer and go to a different answer.

5) Keep your grammar under check

Answers that are written in poor language do not have credibility.

Only when your Quora answers are grammatically perfect will you receive more upvotes and followers.

Millions of people read Quora on a daily basis, thus you should be able to craft excellent responses free of grammatical errors.

You can use a popular tool called Grammarly. It will help you write great content free of grammatical errors.

6) Call-To-Action

If you are looking to drive traffic from Quora to your website, then you must have a call to action in your answers.

Writing the gist of your blog posts in your answers and then providing links to your website for further reading is one good example.

You can also put affiliate links wherever you feel fit. For example, when writing about a web hosting service, you can add your affiliate link to your product so that the readers can click and buy from it if they are satisfied with your answer.

How To Get Traffic From Quora: Final Thoughts

Q&A websites like Quora are effective tools for bloggers and internet marketers equally as long as there are questions that need to be addressed.

The key here is to find the RIGHT questions to answer, provide helpful and UNIQUE answers and be consistent.

This article will hopefully help you in your journey to becoming a Quora thought leader.

Yes, generating traffic from Quora will take a while and it will be a little difficult but it will ultimately be worthwhile.

It’s crucial that you build on solid foundations and learn how to put your ideas into practice. Good fortune!

If you found this article helpful, consider sharing it through the social sharing buttons after the FAQs.

FAQs On How to Get Traffic from Quora

How often should I write on Quora?

There is no set frequency for posting on Quora, hence there is no general guideline. You can use Quora without posting anything at all or you can post as many times as you like every day.

What are the alternatives of Quora in 2022?

Check out the following websites if you’re looking for very great Quora replacements for use in 2022 and beyond.

Medium – Most active users on Quora are going towards Medium because the site gives superior and more convenient tools to establish your own blog for free, share your expertise, get more followers, earn money, and so on.

Reddit – This is another good Quora replacement where you can contribute various forms of information including links, text articles, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

Stack Exchange – Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer website for professionals in the field of computer programming; if you’re an enthusiastic programmer eager to learn more about a variety of topics in computer programming, this site is just for you.

How to ask a question on Quora?

You must first sign up for an account on Quora before you can add a question. You may sign up for free on Quora using your Facebook or email credentials, and membership is absolutely free.

Once you’ve signed in to Quora, click “Ask Question” in the top right corner of the screen. A list of all the queries that are comparable to yours will be shown to you.

What are promoted answers on Quora?

Paid answers that are advocated by organizations or individuals are known as promoted answers (like bloggers, marketers, SEO, and so on).

Can I be banned on Quora?

Yes, of course, if you’re violating Quora rules again and again. If you violate Quora policy options multiple times such as creating duplicate content repeatedly (even if it’s you’re copying your own articles), you might face Quora-banned issues.

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